Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve

2013 was an amazing, wonderful year!   I am excited to see the adventures that the new year brings.  (I even got a phone call while I was working on this post about an adventure I am planning next year.)  I decided the best way to look back at the year was to find moments from each month.  These are moments that I may or may not have discussed before.  I am ready to open up just a little more.


January began and ended with a lot of grief.  We began the year with the fresh grief of losing Adam's grandmother; we ended the month with another personal loss.  My path took a sharp curve in January and I had no idea what the future would bring.  (Spoiler alert, I would end up looking back at an amazing year.)


February changed my life my yoga teacher showed me that there is still magic in the world.  He took me to his teacher to help with my back pain, and I remembered how to stand straight again.  I also took a last minute trip to Albuquerque to have my last conversation with my grandfather.  The heartbreaks kept coming, and I was screaming.


Adam and I took a little break from the perceived downward spiral to visit Eric, Shannon and Wesley in Boston.  We went to an amazing concert, and the energy was amazing.  We also went to the St. Patrick's Day parade and froze.  Wesley helped heal our heartbreak, the evening he took our hands and walked with Adam and I. 


I celebrated my last day at M.D. Anderson, we took another trip to New Mexico for my grandfather's funeral and we hiked in the mountains.  Adam's parents came to visit and they got to experience a Houston thunderstorm. 


 In May Adam and I went away with friends to a lake house.  We finally got to the point where we could talk about adoption without tears in our eyes.  I also started my Scholar Warrior classes, and started to learn about a new way to see the world.  I am so grateful for all the pain at the beginning of the year, because it led me to this class.  I love who I am growing into!


 The momentum of the year really started picking up in June.  I started painting and Adam started yoga teacher training.  We began practicing in our newly decorated yoga room and tackled a bunch of home improvement projects.  We also attended a Supermoon meditation that showed me a different way to admire the moon.  (Every month when I see a full moon, I take a moment or more to do a part of that meditation.)


July was filled with celebrations,  I began the month with my birthday in Portland.  I felt good about getting older, and I was excited to see where this year would take me.  Adam and I had a very intense weekend at an Ana Forrest workshop, and then we celebrated his birthday with lots of food and the theater.   We ended the month with another amazing trip with Ashley and got to see a live StarKid show.  


I am just going to share this post from August:  http://changingthefocus.blogspot.com/2013/08/gratitude.html


I started September with my first day at my volunteer position at the Advocacy Center and we ended the month with a family reunion.  Adam and I spent time being spontaneous and stopping at random places in California to practice yoga.  It was wonderful to take in all the sights and not be stuck to a plan.  


I said good bye to my Grandmother in October. Just typing that sentence made me start crying and smiling. However, I am so grateful for my last couple of moments with her.  I will always remember her smiling face in the hospital and her final lesson to me.  "Always find a reason to smile."


November started with my Grandmother's funeral and a strange sense of closure with all of the recent deaths in our families.   It was healing to visit the gravesites, and say good-bye to Adam's grandmother and both of my grandparents.  Then we got to celebrate Thanksgiving with Adam's family in Boston. 


There were so many moments in December that I felt so grateful this year, but nothing surpasses a moment in Canada.  Adam and I had just checked into our room in Banff, and I was taking in the view.  When he pointed out a spot on the concrete, the actual spot he called me over a year ago and promised to bring me to Banff.  The beauty of that moment was perfect, it felt like so many things had come full circle.  

 2013 is the year that I began practicing putting more into myself than taking out.  I am looking forward to 2014!  I am looking forward to unwrapping the presents and learning the lessons that life will provide me with. 2014 will be amazing!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Update on 33 things before 33 (Number 13 (14))

I have had a lot of reminders this holiday season, that the holidays aren't always easy for everyone.  We feel  our loved ones that are missing a little bit more.   The good thing about this is we tend to talk about them and share stories about them a little bit more.   Although Adam and I decided to have a quiet and calm Christmas this year.  I am grateful for technology that makes it easy to talk to and see our families that are far away.  There were still lots of tears and time to remember those that are no longer with us. 

The year is drawing to a close, so it makes sense to look back on the year and decide what worked and what didn't.  It is a wonderful time to decide what you want to start cultivating in the spring and what you are ready to get rid of. So here is an update for my year-long project. I am almost at the six month mark and have completed 10 tasks out of 33. Time to get focused!

1. Take a trip with Ashley
2. Meet our new niece or nephew  (Zoe is here and she is beautiful, we can't wait to cuddle her)
3. Complete the home study process for our adoption
4. Make a visit to Santa Fe national cemetery
5. Trip to Europe (I am picking a different continent)
6. Yoga retreat
7. California trip
8. Unassisted handstand in the middle of the room (It was at the beach, still counts)
9. Sell a piece of art that I make
10. Visit a new place, that we haven't planned to visit yet (I am working on this one, I am so excited)
11. Go to Canada and try to see the Northern lights
12. Visit the Williams Waterwall in Houston
13. Try 33 five new restaurants in Houston (I am up to 14)
14. Weed through the bookcases and media storage (I started this today, we gave away 25 VHS, and some DVDs)
15. Organize our junk drawer
16. Do a yoga photo shoot
17. Have a family picture taken
18. Go to the rock gym with Adam

19. Make a watermelon cake
20. Crayon art project with Adam

 21. Transfer Grandfather's cassette tape to CD
22. Watch a meteor shower
23. Clean our oven

  24. Give away 33 things that no longer serve me
25. Find Sterling's little dog sibling (After the little dog we rescued for a night, I am not sure if we will be getting another dog)
26. Meet new saving goals (This is on going project, but so far success!)
27. Fill up my sketchbook
28. Make homemade jam
29. Watch a firework show
30. Take a tea tasting class
31. Paint some ceramics
32.  Make an ice cream cake
33.  Lord of the Rings extended version marathon

Bonus tasks or ideas for substitutions (Life happens)
Harry Potter Marathon  
Reread all the Harry potter books
Order Room Service
Upgrade seats on a plane 

Question to consider: What's next?

Friday, December 27, 2013


I had a conversation this morning with one of my teachers about polarity.  (Well not so much of a conversation as he was talking and I was listening.)  The conversation was about how different energies are attracted to one another, positive and negative or predators and prey.  The idea that predators can smell or feel or sense fear from potential victims.  The idea that everyone casts themselves in some sort of archetype and the importance or breaking out of that archetype.  

I have always felt very polarized in my life.  I tend to be draw to things that seem to be opposites on the surface for example science and art.  While my teacher was talking today I started to think that I am the one creating that friction, I am the one that is separating myself into two different parts.  I am the one that is always holding back one aspect and not combining the two.   Of course now comes the hard part, living up to a new belief.  The idea that I am not divided, the idea that both Lenores are the same, or "not two."   

Energy cannot be contained, it must be directed.  Bandages need to be taken off and gates need to open.   The question I am left with is "what does that look like?"

Question to consider: Do you create polarity in your life?   If you are creating polarity in yourself do you notice how you are creating polarity and judgement in the world?  

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Adam and I had a wonderful two day Christmas celebration.  We started off with breakfast at our favorite breakfast place and then we went to a yoga class.  We went to a beautiful church service complete with candle lighting and then we came home to make homemade pizzas!  (I love my bread machine, it makes it so easy to make the dough from scratch.)   As a little girl growing up the Christmas Eve celebration always began at my grandmother's house with pizza and fruit salad.  Every year that Adam and I have celebrated Christmas alone we have continued that tradition and made pizza.   

Christmas morning began with buckwheat waffles and homemade rasberry-blueberry syrup.  We ended the day with vegetarian green chile stew (this is the first year it has been vegetarian.)   The first Christmas Adam and I spent alone was when we started making the green chile stew on Christmas Day.  We wanted to be sure our traditions had a little New Mexican flare, and I don't have much experience making tamales.  

Presents are wonderful, but I love the food at Christmas.  I was so grateful to have two days to cook, eat and hang out with Adam and Sterling.  We missed our families and spent quite a bit of time on the iPad with them.  However this was the Christmas that Adam and I needed to rest and reconnect.   We can't wait to plan our next trip to NM, next year after we have some sort of class schedule nailed down.

Question to consider: What did you do this Christmas?  Who did you celebrate with?

Monday, December 23, 2013

O Christmas Tree

Adam and I were finally home for a weekend and we made time to decorate our tree.  It was wonderful to spend a nice calm Saturday together.  We just put on Christmas music and put ornaments on our tree.  

The day we decorate our tree is a magical day for me.  We buy ornaments when we travel so it is a wonderful way to remember our vacations and special moments in our lives.  

This year we have quite a few lights out on the tree, the other lights are still there to shine.  I think that sums up this most recent year, lights have gone out and the blueprint has changed.  The twinkle, the shine and the wonder of life is still there!

Question to consider: What are your holiday decoration traditions?  

Friday, December 20, 2013

Just add light

The two photos below were taken a couple of weeks ago in Boston.  It has just taken me a while to edit and write this post.  One of our friends is a professional photographer and he took the opportunity to show me what a different lighting can make in your photos.   The differences are amazing, one dessert looks decadent and the other one looks okay.  So this moment reminded me of two things.
The first is obvious, I have a lot to learn about lighting photos.

The second is our friend's example to share knowledge.  He took the time an effort to share his passion with me, to transfer some knowledge.  He didn't make a big deal of it, he just picked up a candle and started lighting the photo.  I always enjoy seeing people's passions, and I have a beautiful photo to remind me to share.

Question of the day:  Do you take the opportunity to transfer knowledge?  

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Welcome to the world Zoe!

I am an aunt again!  I am so happy for my brother-in-law and his wife (I prefer to call them my brother and sister, but that confuses people.). 

I would love to pretend I composed a wonderful letter to my niece, but I just have a few words.  I want Zoe to always remember to look for the magic and love in the world.  

It is always about what you focus on, anyone can always make the decision to focus on what they want in the world.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Number 13 (12,13)

Two new restaurants in Houston!  The first one we visited with some friends of ours, Beavers.  Adam was very happy with the beer menu and his burger.  I opted for the tacos and they were extremely spicy.  The food was very fresh and tasty, however I only finished part of my tacos because of how spicy they were.  I think next time I will get a burger or a salad. 

The second place we went to was at the airport.  We visited Cat Cora's lounge before our plane boarded.  This place was a winner, the blue cheese dip was wonderful!  Adam and I split a burger and I had a cocktail.  The meal felt a little rushed since we were at the airport, we walked right on the plane after we finished eating.  It is a place that I would visit again.

Monday, December 16, 2013

The end of vacation

Adam is really good at vacationing.  He leaves the "to do" list behind, and focuses on the vacation.  If things come up, work or otherwise he quickly handles the situation and then goes back to relaxing and enjoying himself.

I am the opposite.  I am always aware of my "to do" list.  I continue to practice relaxation and leaving my list behind, however our vacationing differences become very clear as soon as our plane lands.   I am quickly thinking about picking up the pup, doing laundry, making dinner; where as Adam is just thinking about enjoying life and trusting that the to do list will get accomplished.

Right now I am very grateful to be home and be able to put my feet up!  

Question to consider: When do you stop being on vacation?  When you get home, when you go back to work, or as soon as your plane takes off?

Friday, December 13, 2013

Thursday, December 12, 2013


I have found so much beauty in this city.  There are so many art projects going on.  I have really enjoyed wandering around this city and finding new things.  I spend over five hours today just walking around and exploring the +15.  I spent a little bit of time outside, but after about an hour it was really miserable.  

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Animal Inspiration

So last night Adam and I took a flight to Canada.  Everything went very smoothly, however it was a long flight and way past my dinner time so I was pretty grumpy.   After we got through all the offical chanels there was this happy, happy dog smiling at me.  Needless to say I quickly forgot about how hungry and tired I was and just focused on the little white pup's smiling face.  (There should be a greeting dog at every airport!)   I think the owner was there to pick someone up, however that little dogcompletely  changed my focus and reminded me to enjoy where and when I was.  

This morning I went out into the city and went exploring/getting lost.  There was snow everywhere, the city is beautiful, and I got to see plenty of wildlife playing in the snow.  This little squirrel was running around and jumping and playing in the snow.  (This is the best photo I got of him with my iphone, so regretting not bringing the DSLR now.)   I was so worried about not having the right clothes, and freezing while I was here.  But everywhere I looked there were people and animals out enjoying the snow and the sun.   (There was no wind this morning, which helps a lot.)

I am really looking forward to challenging myself in the cold and seeing what I find.

Question to consider: Would you rather be too cold or too hot?  

Monday, December 9, 2013

Dots, dots, dots

Here are all forty beads I made during the bead challenge I just completed.  I was limited to only using two colors and only dots.  When I decided to start working with my torch again I was pretty nervous, so having some sort of focus really helped motivate me.  I learned so much about dots.  I also had to keep reminding myself to only use dots and gravity to manipulate the shapes.  I tend to use my tools a lot to smooth things out, especially when I get impatient.  

I don't have a favorite bead out of these forty, but I got a lot of good ideas.  The most important thing is I feel so much more competent with my glass and torch again. 

One of these days I will figure out what to do with all these beads I have been making!

Question to consider:  Do you find creative projects less intimidating when you have a narrow focus or do you prefer a completely open focus? 

Friday, December 6, 2013

40th bead

Forever ago I started a bead challenge; I had not worked with my torch for a while and I wanted a challenge to get me back in the grove so to speak.  So I started with challenge to make 40 beads only using two colors and only using dots, no tools except gravity.  I will wait to show you a picture of all 40 beads next week, after I have removed them from the mandrel and cleaned them.  I will give you all the details of the challenge then.  

I have been thinking about challenges lately.  I have been challenging myself a lot lately, physically, mentally and emotionally.  Completing challenges helps me feel like I have accomplished something, it pushes me out of my comfort zone.  I am one of those people that love crossing things off my to do list.  I like getting that gold star at the end of day!   However I wonder if I am not focusing on the action when I am completing challenges.   I am still chasing that gold star; I need to learn to understand my worth gold star or no gold star.  

We are all stars, we all shine.  When I chase that gold star I am comparing myself to other people, which is not useful.  

The sentances above are simply my thoughts, uncensored.  One day the puzzle pieces will fit together and I will see the picture; until then I will continue to ramble a little bit.

Question to consider: Do challenges inspire you to try new things?  What else gets you out of your comfort zone?

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Adam and I lost our heads!

I was working on this art project and it went terribly wrong.  I ended up removing both our heads from this wedding photo.   Needless to say I abdandoned the project at this point, and the photo made its way to my recycling bin.  

Today I learned two lessons.  I have been getting pretty confident in my art so I have not been as careful as I should be.  Today I was reminded the difference between doing something mindfully and just getting the drudge work done.  

The second lesson involved patience and trust.  I have been very anxious about our upcoming adoption.  I have been feeling very hopeless and lost about this situation.  Today while I was meditating I was ready to throw in the towel and find a new agency.  I felt like I couldn't trust my reasons for making this decision.  I finally checked my E-mail and found my hopes had been addressed.  This waiting period is our gift, it is our gift to develop more patience and trust in ourselves.  

Life continues to provide lessons and inspiration.

Question to consider: What lesson did you learn today?  What lesson did you miss?  

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

"The Body"

I am a huge fan of Joss Whedon's work and it all started with me watching an episode of Buffy, back in college.  I eventually shared this series with Adam (forced him to watch it).  Although there are horrible episodes there is one episode in Season 5 that is one of the best episodes of TV I have ever seen.  

SPOILER ALERT for Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I have been listening to an introcast about Buffy the Vampire Slayer for years.  It is called Potential Cast and most of the hosts have not watched Buffy before, so they try to remain spoiler free.  I usually listen to this podcast as soon as a new episode hits, but back in October I lost my momentum.  They had gotten to the episode titled "The Body."  This is an episode that deals with a character's very real, very sudden death.  There is nothing supernatural involved in this death, there is no monster for Buffy to kill and there is no happy ending in this episode.  

Today I finally decided it was time to listen to the episode.  Wow!  These podcasters did not hold back on their emotion and even told their own personal stories.   Listening to the podcast this morning really reminded me that even when you are grieving, even when your heart is broken life continues on.  It doesn't always wait for you to catch your breath, sometimes you feel like you just keep getting kicked.  

However that is life.  It is all beautiful!  I needed that reminder today after my little meltdown after work yesterday.  Life is beautiful, there is no duality, no fight between life and death;  there is just life.   Death is a part of life it is not the opposite.  

I really urge people to watch this episode (Season 5 episode 6) of Buffy at some point.  It is available on netflix and amazon prime.  Here is the link for the podcast if anyone is interested.  


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A not so silent cheer

I always tell Adam on days that he is struggling, that I am in his corner silently cheering for him.  I am always cheering for him and today I am going to brag about him.  I have never known a more amazing and strong person.  It feels like everything he does is to ensure my happiness.

I watch him in yoga class and forget to breathe when he eases into a pose.  There are so many things that he does effortlessly; and so many things he does for our family without complaint.  He wakes up early in the morning to work a minimum of 12 hours.  He still finds time and energy to do his yoga practice and meditation.  He always finds time for me.  Today when I was struggling with work, he made sure to listen to me and give me some encouragement despite the enormous deadlines hanging over him.  

He is always cheering in my corner.  For example, right now on our kitchen table I have 5 different art projects that I am working on and Adam will be the second person to see the end results of all these projects.  He will look at the end product no matter what time he gets home or how tired he is.    He always reads my blog and sends me lovely E-mails when a particular post touches him.    He never ceases to praise my cooking.   On days that I want to be lazy and stay in bed or take a nap; I think of how much effort and time Adam puts into our family and I find a way to rally and get just a little bit more done.  

I love this man!

Question to consider: Who is the person you are always cheering for?  Let them know today, what they mean to you.  

Monday, December 2, 2013

Butternut Squash

On Thanksgiving our family shared this amazing side dish of roasted butternut squash, it was so amazing I am attempting to recreate it today.   So I cut up the butternut squash added some apple, walnuts and some craisins.  I coated the mixtured in butter, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and chia seeds.  I drizzled the mixture with some honey and placed it in the oven to roast.  

Now I wait,  I did my prep and I get to see the results.  When Adam gets home from work we will feast on soup and roasted squash!

Question to consider:  What was your favorite dish this Thanksgiving?    

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sterling Sunday

Adam and I have been traveling a lot lately so here are the pictures from two different cities and two different times that made me smile.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

This morning I woke up with a lot of gratitude, gratitude for all the adventures I have had this year, the good and the bad.  Last year around Thanksgiving I was only focused on the future and thinking that I would be happy when....  Today I realized how much I have to be thankful for. 

Even though there are members missing from our visit this holiday, I am grateful for the family that is able to gather together.  

The people that inspired me today were all the people we encountered who were working on Thanksgiving day, and giving it their all.  I thought that traveling today was going to be crowded and a nightmare, but we continuusly encounted smiling faces.  It never ceases to amazing how much of a difference a smiling face can make in a moment.  

 Question to consider:  What are you most grateful for today?   I am really grateful for Adam, he is my constant, my rock and my unending inspiration.  

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Keeping two fires lit

Tuesdays are pretty long days for me, I start and finish the day with classes.  In between I handle lots of other things.  I usually don't get much time to stop.  I get plenty of time to relax, I just don't stop.

On Tuesdays I feel very divided, one minute I am learning about different breathing techniques, the next minute I am sitting in a meditation, then I go and play with children, come home to spend time with the pup, usually I remember to eat and then I am back at the studio in yoga class for three plus hours.  I know plenty of people that have busier days and plenty of people that have less busy days.  My issue is staying present through out the day and giving things my full attention.   Today I was tired and didn't focus in yoga, but I was very focused in Dao class.  

To me this similar to when I make multiple beads on one mandrel.  It takes a lot of balance and awareness to keep them both hot and stable.  Sometimes I end up  with multiple beads, sometimes one cracks and sometimes they both crack.  I am still waiting for these two beads to cool so I can find out the result.  The only answer I can come up with is I need more practice handling multiple fires.

Question to consider: How do you decide which fires to keep burning?   

Monday, November 25, 2013


I did it!  I had so much fun Saturday morning.  It was cold (about 40 degrees) and raining but I went out and tackled my first mud run.  I skipped a couple of obstacles, I fell down a lot; but I laughed through it all.  I am remembering to continue to laugh as my bruises heal and my body recovers. 

My teacher inspired me to run this race.  He completes a lot of these races and always comes back to class describing how much fun he had.  So I started our running a minute at a time in September and slowly worked my way up to running for 30 minutes straight.  Since I was not an experienced runner, I focused on running.  

It was such an amazing morning, and I am excited to sign up for another race with a number of friends and classmates.  The running was my least favorite aspect, I really enjoyed the obstacles, even swimming through the cold water.  But I really enjoyed the water slide and the rope swing.  

Question to consider: When was the last time you got out of your head and your stories to just experienced life?  Lately I just take a moment to take a deep breath and really be aware of my body.  However during the 45 minutes or so of this race, I was not thinking.  I was just breathing and taking the next step. 

Sterling Sunday

Friday, November 22, 2013

Race prep

I am taking this gas burn off as a good sign about my race tomorrow.  I saw this while playing around yesterday, with running, sprinting and walking.

It is supposed to be 40 degrees and raining tomorrow, I am hoping to find some fire inside to help keep me warm and moving.  

I am looking forward to playing in the rain and mud.   

Question to consider: What song inspires you to move?  I have been making a playlist to listen to tomorrow morning, I am currently obsessed with "Pure Imagination."  "If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it."  I have just been singing that line over and over to myself the last couple of days.  Is it that simple?

Thursday, November 21, 2013


I received this ornament today, and I thought of this quote: "The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea." - Isak Dinesen

I was looking at all the ornaments that Adam and I have collected this year and started wondering when we will put the tree up.  Adam and I buy ornaments when we travel to remember our vacations, and it was a way to build our ornament collection.  

I used to resist decorating our home for Christmas, but now I take a lot of pride in changing things up and embracing all our different traditions and memories.  Last year we attempted 25 days of togetherness, and life got in the way.  I am thinking about doing it again this year, but we will see.

There can be a lot of magic in the air this time of year or a lot of stress.  I am choosing right now to focus on the magic! The magic of stumbling on the perfect gift as opposed to not knowing what to get people on my list.  

Question to consider: When do you usually put up your Christmas tree?  Do you have a rule or just whenever makes sense?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I was listening to an old podcast from "This American Life," about superpowers and superheroes.  The first segment posed the question "would you rather be invisible or be able to fly?"  I don't know if this has to do with being a science nerd but I have found myself answering the question about which superpower do you want for a while now.  Since I can remember I have wanted to be invisible. I have always liked the idea of being able to hide.  

The segment provided an interesting theory about the different personality types of who wants to be able to fly and who wants to be invisible.  The individuals who wanted to be invisible were secretive people who had something to hide, and the individuals who wanted to be able to fly are willing to let it all hang out.    I found myself thinking about that theory a lot during my walk with Sterling.  I don't know if I would describe myself as secretive, just private. 

Would you rather fly or be able to be invisible?  Do you believe that answer provides someone with enough information to understand your personality?  In this day and age of  prospective employers giving personality tests; would you answer the question honestly?

The podcast inspired me to think about this question a little bit differently, but more importantly to consider embracing flying a little bit more in my daily life.  Everyday we have moments, events that give us the option to chose being invisible or being able to fly.  To I will challenge myself today to fly, and not hide.  So I will wear some high heals, get out and try something new.  

 Question to consider:  Do you want to fly or be invisible?  Is your choice based on your default setting?

Monday, November 18, 2013

Number 13 (10,11)

So on Friday night Adam and I went out with friends to Canopy.  The food there was very fresh and beautifully presented.  
 On Sunday morning we went to the Texas Renaissance Festival and before we left town we stopped to grab "the best breakfast tacos in the world."  Unfortunately I didn't get the name of the place or take a picture, so I am including a picture from the festival!   I will find out the name and edit this post one day.  

We had a very long exhausting day in the Texas heat, hence I forgot to post a picture of Sterling.  

Friday, November 15, 2013

Results versus Potential

So I have been thinking a lot about focusing on results versus visualizing potential.  I have been  very focused on results in my life, I want things to work out a certain way.  When that doesn't happen I usually get upset in some way.  So when my teacher tells me that the results are none of my business, I get very confused.  Life can be about falling in love with the action; it can be about allowing things to happen. 

If there is something that I want, like being able to do a handstand in the center of the room.  A different appraoch (from the usual results driven) is to see the potential, and then fall in love with the action of preparing to do a handstand.  In the end I can either do the handstand or not, depending on effective my action was.  But I can't force results, I can only let the universe reveal them.  

I am slowly starting to uncover what it means to me to see the potential versus focusing on the results, which probably makes this a confusing post.  

Question to consider: What potential do you see in yourself?  Are you willing to test it?  

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Two months ago

In 10 days I am running my first 5K, it also happens to be a mud run and obstacle course.  I am pretty stressed about this race, life happens and I didn't make the progress in my training that I wanted to.  I still haven't run 3 miles straight yet.  The photos I have seen from the race site on Facebook make me nervous, and I wonder what in the world I signed up for.

Yesterday during my run in the cold windy weather I decided something.  I may not be in the shape I wanted to be in, but I am in much better shape than I was when I signed up for the race.  I am stuck at 2 miles, but I am still running 2 miles!

I want to finish this race with no injuries and I just want to have fun.  

Question to consider: What can you do today that your couldn't do 2 months ago?  What do you want to be able to do two months from now?