Fake it til you become it!

I just watched this amazing Ted talk, it is a little over twenty minutes but I think everyone can find the time sometime this week to sit down and watch it.  I mean really watch it.  Don't have anything going on in the background.  (Adam I will watch it again with you!)


Watching this talk makes me realize how far I still need to travel to change my posture and the way I react to the world.  When the speaker showed a picture of the women touching her neck, I immediately thought, "that's me."  When she made the comment, this is a very low power pose, someone is protecting themselves,  I felt sad.   I know that is not who I want to be.

Today I am really struggling, I have some muscle pain that is really giving me some trouble and I just don't feel well.  But I am still working on my daily to do list and my long term to do list.  I am totally faking it today, Sterling got his walk at the park even though it was cut short by my muscle pain.  

Question to consider:  What is your posture like right now?  Is it a low power pose or a high power pose? 


  1. I watched this when you posted it on FB! I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing it!


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