This weather was beautiful this weekend; so Adam and I made the most of it!  We spent so much time outside soaking in the sun and relaxing.  

On Saturday we went to the park to fly a kite and I loved watching Adam run and try to catch the wind.  It was one of the moments when stress and worry did not exist; I just felt gratitude for my life and those around me. 

The moments when everything clicks, continue to inspire me to continue walking forward.  To continue exploring, to continue to embrace change and find new ways to be present. 

Question to consider: What was your favorite moment from the past couple of days? 


  1. Lenore: I know you will relate to this one ... I am working on a large cardigan that is nothing but garter stitch ... acres of garter stitch! I finished most of it and sewed up the shoulder seams this weekend! Wonderful sense of accomplishment!

    1. Amazing! It reminds me I need to work on my "scrap" blanket again.


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