For Boston

I got my shirt!  I am so excited to have this shirt produced by The Dropkick Murphys. All the proceeds go to the Claddagh Fund to support the victims of Boston Marathon Bombing.  I was so impressed with how quickly this band pulled fundraisers together for their home town.

The day of the Boston Marathon, was a pretty normal day until I got into my car to leave work.  I heard a brief news bulletin that said there had been a bombing at the marathon.  Just before that I had been looking at my brother-in-law's facebook page, showing pictures of them watching the marathon.  The news bulletin did not provide any details and my mind started racing while I dialed Eric's phone number.  Thankfully my family was safe!  But for a moment I was afraid that I had lost them.  I was never so happy to hear Eric's voice.  Later Eric, got a very sappy text from me about how much he and his family means to me.  I just felt like I needed to let my little brother know how special he is. 

Tragedies and loss can really inspire individuals or groups of people to accomplish beautiful things.  As I continue to walk through life, I am working to see the beauty that comes out of unfortunate events, big or small.  This shirt will serve as a reminder, that so much can change so fast, but there will always be good and beauty in every moment. 

Question to consider: How do you find peace with all the horrible things on the news?  I mostly ignore the news, I just scan headlines, and only read the stories that are important to me.  I focus on the stories about the heroes.


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