Looking or being found

I spent a long time today handling things around the house and honestly after handling some things on online I just wanted to take a nap.  However, I didn't have any idea for a blog post so I decided to start working on a project.  

Adam and I are currently working on a yoga/meditation room and I would love to do some paintings for the walls.  I know I need to buy some paints to start experimenting with color but until that happens I want to get more comfortable just drawing trees and deciding what I want to paint.  

I read a quote the other day about how inspiration has to find you working you can't go looking for it.  That is certainly the case today, once I started drawing I knew where to go.  I still think I got lucky, since sometimes inspiration doesn't find you even when you are working.

This is a lesson I am working on right now, you have to work for the life you want.  

Question to consider:  What steps did you take today to enrich your life and leave what you don't want behind?  I am really working to leave my fear of creating behind.  Just because my work doesn't always turn out the way I want, doesn't mean I am a failure. 


  1. I have this very same fear Lenore. I stop short of completion, then I don't have to face if something is good enough or not. I am in the process right now of completing my projects and deciding myself, without any ones critique, if I am pleased with my work or not. It has been hard but I am finding fulfillment and confidence in walking through it.


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