Shooting pictures

Adam and I recently got a new point and shoot camera, so I have been taking it out when I walk Sterling to see how well it works in different light.  But this morning I took it to a park by myself after my scholar warrior class and before my yoga class.  

I finally had some fun shooting pictures today.  It was fun just experimenting with the camera without worrying about how the photos turned out.  Plus I really enjoyed showing my yoga teacher's little boy the photos I took before class. 

Shooting these photos finally inspired me to go through our photos from Boston, and finally write a blog post on my other blog.  

Question to consider:  When is the last time looked at your most recent roll of photos?  Are they still on the camera?  I know we still have the pictures from when Adam's parents visited on our camera. 


  1. I feel like I always need to download my pictures. It has been a few weeks for me, at least.


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