Thank you!

I was so excited to see all the comments yesterday!  Thank you, for taking the time to give me some inspiration and love!

Here is a little card I made yesterday, I am not thrilled with how it came out but I learned so much.  I still think it is beautiful, just not what I imagined. 

I went back to the original image that inspired me to pull out my watercolor pencils and thought about what I liked about it and what I didn't.  In the original image, I loved the bright colors and how the artist managed to blend the colors but also kept them separate at the same time.  

I learned that watercolor pencils were not the best medium for this, it took much more time than I expected.  But I also learned that I really love to blend colors, I don't like keeping things so distinct.  (Forgive my lack of proper art terms,  I have two degrees in Science.)

I also want invest in some paint, when I get a chance.  

Question to consider: What is your favorite medium to work with?  I am most comfortable in the kitchen making dinner for Adam.


  1. I love to bake. But I'm not sure it's my favorite medium. I think I like oil pastels best. We just got some for Zoe and we were coloring together and it was great fun. I was even blending some colors!

  2. I recently got some oil pastels, and I am having some fun experimenting with them. I also love just sitting outside in the backyard and seeing what I can capture.

  3. A pen. To write, not to color or do any art - I can't do that :-)

  4. Yarn! It's amazing what one can do with two sticks and a string!


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