The mess

Yesterday I got creative and made some cards, I can't show you the cards but I can show you a little bit of the mess.  

Sometimes I find it difficult to be creative, because I don't want to clean up the mess.  Sometimes the mess is small, like yesterday and sometimes it seems to encompass the whole house.  I can't say that what I produce is always worth the mess, because sometimes things don't turn out how you expect, sometimes they turn out better.  

My car is currently blocked in our driveway by some construction on our street and it is making me a little antsy.  I am one of those people that wants to be somewhere else, if I am out I want to be at home but if I am at home I want to go run errands.  After I publish this post, I am going to try an experiment and shut off all the electronics in the house and just sit and be still.  (I am hoping I get a great nap out of this experiment) 

Question to consider: Do you find yourself putting off projects because of the clean up?  


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