Day 14

This picture was taken on Saturday, but I am still doing my daily handstand.  To be honest, the past couple of days I have had trouble holding the handstand for a full ten breaths.  My right wrist is feeling pretty sore and last night Adam had to spot me.  But at least I am still doing a handstand everyday!

Question to consider:  Do you have a preference for heat or ice when it come to soreness?  One of my teachers always says to heat, but I find icing helps it feel better.  I am testing out using heat only instead of ice.


  1. Always cold for soreness in our house :-)

  2. I have a nerve problem in my neck, and when that flares up I always use ice to decrease the swelling. I had a doctor tell me that ice is for those kind of swelling problems and heat is good for "pulled" muscles.


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