To dance again....

Today while I was taking Sterling for a walk, I felt like listening to some music instead of my usual podcasts.  So I decided to listen to the soundtrack for A Very Potter Musical, which if you love Harry Potter you should take some time to watch.  It is hilarious. 

But the song "to dance again," came on and I started singing out loud (while still at the park), but then I took a moment to really listen to the lyrics.  There is a line about "waiting all these years to dance again."  I started thinking about all the things I am "waiting" to do again.  I have been given this amazing opportunity but there are things I have simply stopped doing because the "time" isn't right or any other excuse.  

Today that song is inspiring me to really examine what I am "waiting" to do and see if I can make it happen right now.  It is time to really look at my blueprint. 

Question to consider: What are you waiting to do?  Can you make it happen now?   


  1. I think there are a lot of things I'm waiting to do for no good reason. I tend to "wait until tomorrow".


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