Yoga room

On Friday our yoga room was finally finished, well the paint was dry.  There are still some things we want to do with with room but for now, we have this amazing clutter free space to practice yoga and meditate in.  I did a handstand to celebrate after I was done cleaning up all plastic.

This project started last year, when I was starting to meditate.  I had a lot of trouble meditating at home, because there was so much to distract me in every room.  So I decided to clean out our junk room back in November.  At first I just moved all the junk into the closet, and then I really committed to getting rid of things.  I took a lot of trips to Goodwill. 

This picture was actually taken when we first moved into the house, but it was the only "before" picture I could find.  Honestly, when I started cleaning out the room it was much worse than this picture.  After I cleaned out the junk, we decided to get the carpet removed and to put in wood floors.  Of course, replacing this floor also meant we were going to replace our bedroom floor and the carpet in Sterling's "ball-room."  We like to group all our home improvement projects together for the maximum impact (headache). 
This picture was taken at six in the morning, when I started painting.  I started early because this room gets pretty toasty without the blinds.  Plus I wanted to finish the room that day and I still had to make it to my yoga practice. 
I painted a message to send to Adam while he was at work.  This is the wall that will be supporting our handstands and other inversions. 
This is the after picture!  This is now my favorite room in the house, even though it gets toasty.  We ordered some blinds and they should be coming soon.  I asked for suggestions for gender neutral colors that were relaxing and we considered both green and yellow tones.  In the end I wanted walls that wouldn't show footprints, and would be easier to clean. 

We are lucky that we had an extra room that we could really dedicate to our practice, but I was getting really discouraged with this project.  Then everything fell together and it worked out perfectly.  

Question to consider: Are you patient when it comes to home improvement projects? Or do you get discouraged when the timeline takes so much longer than you anticipated?  I need to work on my patience when it comes to home improvement projects, poor Adam had to help me keep things in perspective. 


  1. I think I do tend to get discouraged about projects in general. I like things to be done! That's a big reason that I quit sewing - I didn't like the journey to the finished product.


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