Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I am spending the whole week in a volunteer training.  Here are all the toys they gave us to help keep us awake during the training.  I also ate plenty of chocolate in the afternoon, to stay awake. 

Question to consider: What helps keep you awake during long trainings?  I need some suggestions, just in case there are more law presentations. 

Monday, July 29, 2013


On Sunday we walked along Navy Pier and looked out at Lake Michigan.  I really wanted to touch the water, but couldn't figure out a way to do it while on the pier.  So I took my little moment on the river sitting with the water.  

I love water, I just want to absorb every part of it when I see a large body of water.  

Question to consider: What in nature are you drawn to?  I love to look for the beauty in nature, but water or mountains always manage to draw me in.  

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sterling Sunday

Missing my little pup, especially when I can't sleep.

Day two in Chicago

We got to watch a movie being filmed this evening, complete with pyrotechnics!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

33 things before 33

Next year on July 3rd, I will turn 33 years old.  I decided that I get a second chance to celebrate my golden birthday.  The ‘Golden Birthday’ is the day where a human being turns the same age as the date to which they were born (Example, turning Twelve on the 12th of October).  I first encountered this idea on my best friend's 15th birthday.  I was a little sad that I missed out on a unique birthday, so I decided that 33 can be the golden birthday that I remember.

I know it is popular with bloggers to do a 30 things before 30 type challenge.  So I decided I can just edit the idea and make it 33 things before I turn 33.

Some of the things on the list are silly, some are serious and some things I just need to do.  These are in no particular order, and I am cheating with the first one since I am going on a trip with Ashley this weekend.  But the point in having goals is to make them achievable. 

1. Take a trip with Ashley
2. Meet our new niece or nephew
3. Complete the home study process for our adoption (I would love to say adopt our child, but I have no control over that, I can only focus on the paperwork)
4. Make a visit to Santa Fe national cemetery
5. Trip to Europe
6. Yoga retreat
7. California trip
8. Unassisted handstand in the middle of the room
9. Sell a piece of art that I make
10. Visit a new place, that we haven't planned to visit yet
11. Go to Canada and try to see the Northern lights
12. Visit the Williams Waterwall in Houston
13. Try five new restaurants in Houston
14. Weed through the bookcases and media storage
15. Organize our junk drawer
16. Do a yoga photo shoot
17. Have a family picture taken
18. Go to the rock gym with Adam
19. Make a watermelon cake
20. Crayon art project with Adam
21. Transfer Grandfather's cassette tape to CD
22. Watch a meteor shower
23. Clean our oven
24. Give away 33 things that no longer serve me
25. Find Sterling's little dog sibling
26. Meet new saving goals
27. Fill up my sketchbook
28. Make homemade jam
29. Watch a firework show
30. Take a tea tasting class
31. Paint some ceramics
32.  Make an ice cream cake
33.  Lord of the Rings extended version marathon

Bonus tasks or ideas for substitutions (Life happens)
Harry Potter Marathon
Reread all the Harry potter books
I hope you will cheer me on through this journey.  Some of these things are going to be challenging.

Question to consider:  What did I leave out that I should do before my next birthday?  Anyone else want to share their bucket list? 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I have said in previous posts that is difficult to focus on eating healthy when I eat by myself, so I am making more of an effort with lunch.  I find I enjoy lunch a little bit more if I make something I love that Adam doesn't eat or can't eat.  (One of these days I am going to make shrimp!)

So I cooked some garlic, salmon, brown rice and spinach in some coconut oil.  It was so good, I think next time I will add some jalapenos to it, and give it a bit of a kick.  

Question to consider: I am working on a 33 things to do before I turn 33.  Any ideas for list?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New app

I bought a new app today to edit and play with photos a little bit.  I have been in a little bit of a funk lately when it comes to taking photos and coming up with new ideas.  This new app will at least give me new tools to play with, even if my posts don't get more creative. 

We also got blinds today for our yoga room.  I am so excited.  I hope this will help keep the room a lot cooler and make evening practices more pleasant. 

Question to consider: If you have a smart phone, what do you usually take pictures of?  What are the moments you want to capture?  I am looking for some inspiration. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

It matters how you're gonna finish

This video brought tears to my eyes.  I remember seeing this video at some point in the past, but it has come back around to my attention, just when I needed it. 

This man is creating his own hero's journey. 

We all have negative stories about ourselves that circulate in our heads, but it is possible to continue to rise above those stories.  As frustrated as I am with the stories in my head right now, I can and will change them.   We are all creating a story, why not make it a hero's journey? 

Question to consider:  How did this video clip make you feel?  I felt love.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Happy Birthday, my love!

When I was seventeen I began walking with Adam, I am so grateful for where that path has taken us. 

Adam is a huge inspiration to me.  I am always watching him and learning from him.


Time to make a wish my love!  Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ignoring the mess

My kitchen is a complete mess.  It has been like this since I got home from the grocery store this morning, I did put away any perishables.  But I had some other things I needed to work on, so I just let this mess sit.  (Don't worry, I will be cleaning the kitchen as soon as I publish this post, I still need to make dinner.)  I actually enjoy cleaning the kitchen, so this is not the same as when I avoid vacuuming or washing the floors.  That is just avoiding the chores I don't want to do. 

Usually I am the type of person that everything needs to be done before I can go have fun.  (I spent the afternoon writing and working on a photo album.)   But is everything really ever done?  There is always more to clean, to cook or perfect.  

So today I tried an experiment, I let the mess sit.  Guess what?  The world has not come to an end, and I enjoyed my creative projects.  To be honest in the last half hour, I started to have a little anxiety about the mess in the kitchen and so I stopped working on my photo album.  

I am lucky, because tonight is Adam's late night, so I have plenty of time to clean and cook my dinner before he gets home.  I am also lucky that Sterling loves to sleep and not stick his nose in grocery bags.  Otherwise I would have tackled the mess and cooked dinner this morning.  

Question to consider: Can you leave a mess behind and really enjoy some fun time?  (I understand if you have children and need to consider their safety.)  I am working on learning to have fun even with a giant to do list.  

Monday, July 15, 2013

What can I do

Adam and I had an amazing weekend full of Forrest Yoga.  Ana Forrest was in town and Adam convinced me to sign up for all of the workshops and not just focus on "heal your back."  We are both still recovering from the very intense weekend.  I am having a difficult time putting the most important or best experience from the weekend into words.

Too often in life I am so hard on myself because I am not able to do what I want.  This applies to yoga and life.  During Ana's book signing she talked about the importance of focusing on "what can I do?"  I am going to use myself as an example.  When I get a migraine I focus on all the things I planned to do that day and I feel horrible that I am unable to take care of Sterling or Adam or anything else I had planned.  I don't celebrate the things I am able to do when I have a migraine.  Mostly I am able to take deep breathes, but that is still nourishing and healing.  So I am making this pledge to start asking myself "what can I do?" every time I hit a wall. 

I am sharing this video with you just to give you an idea of who we spent the weekend with.

Question to consider:  What can you do today to heal and or nourish yourself? 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sterling Sunday

This little guy made my morning.  This weekend has been pretty physically draining and I just didn't have the energy to take Sterling for his daily walk.  But while I was doing my stretching and breathing exercises he sat and watched me.  As soon as I finished the last exhale he grabbed a toy and started to run around the room.  We played for a while, and it was just so wonderful to spend that time with him and forget how tired and sore I feel.  He is passed out on the couch now!

Sterling will always remind me to play!  

Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 31

Handstand on the beach!  Yep I am still doing my daily handstands, and some days it is really easy and other days like today it took me several tries to get on the wall. 
I didn't think I held the handstand for any length of time at all after Adam stopped spotting me.  But our friend had perfect timing and caught the brief moment that I held the handstand!   

Today is a very, very exciting day.  Adam and I are starting a three day workshop with Ana Forrest, who created Forrest yoga.  It is going to be five classes for 2.5 hours.  I am very intimidated, and I don't quite know what to expect.  But we are so lucky to have the opportunity to take a class from her.  It is hard to believe that a couple months ago I was reading her book, and today I get to take a class from her.  

Question to consider:  When is the last time you ran on the beach and played in the ocean?  

Thursday, July 11, 2013

No TV update

It is July 11th, and I still haven't watched any TV.  The first couple of days I found myself automatically turning on the TV and playstation (Netflix) but I would quickly remember my commitment and turn off the TV before I logged in.

I have discovered that Tuesday and Thursday nights are extra lonely without TV, since that is when Adam is at his teacher training.  I am usually too tired to paint, and so I have been spending my nights reading and writing.

The good news is that since I started this experiment I fall asleep much, much easier.  I am still waking up multiple times a night, but it is shocking to me how easily I fall asleep!

Question to consider: Have you ever given up TV for an extended period of time; what benefits did you notice?  Or do you not regularly watch TV?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Radio lollipop

Today I did a shift at the hospital volunteering with "Radio Lollipop."  There were some great kids and some amazing families that I had the pleasure of meeting today.  One child in particular was an absolute joy and made me and my partner smile.

Question of the day:  What should my DJ name be?  I few examples from the night, Looney Linda, Super Bon Bon and Sweet Tart.

Monday, July 8, 2013


Adam and I had such an amazing vacation.  I can't imagine how difficult it was for him to go to work today.  Here are a couple of pictures from our last full day in Oregon.  I have a couple more to show this week.  I never knew how beautiful Oregon was, but driving around there were so many breathtaking views.  It was just amazing!

This vacation was so different for us, because we knew very little about Portland or Oregon.  We just explored and kept finding wonderful things to do.  

Question to consider: Do you plan out all your activities on vacation or do you give yourself some freedom to let the wind carry you?   I think this is the first vacation that we really didn't plan things out, we had a couple of things that we wanted to do but honestly we just explored. 

"Goonies, never say die!"
"This is our time"

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sterling Sunday

Sterling was checking out my new yoga mat.  He wasn't quite sure how what to make of it.   But I LOVE it!!!!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Oregon wine country

Such a wonderful day exploring wine country and the evening ended with a very romantic dinner!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Day one in Portland

It is late and I am so ready to go to bed. But here are a couple shots of the day.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Today is my birthday!  The past couple of years I haven't looked forward to my birthday, because things weren't working out the way I wanted and birthdays remind you how much time has passed since you started working on certain goals.

But this year I decided I am done waiting for something to happen to celebrate.  There is so much to celebrate right now, I truly have a wonderful life.  I am incredibly lucky.

I started the day walking Sterling, and then baby sat for one of my teachers.  I had a wonderful lunch and a nice session with my teacher and Adam.  The evening is just beginning!

Question to consider:  What did you do to celebrate your last birthday?

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Blue glass

I started off this morning thinking about what I wanted to write.  I felt like I needed to write something profound about what the last year has taught me.  I thought about trying to come up with 31 things that have lead me to change my focus.  

Then I got some news that a relative had passed away Sunday, and all I could think about was my few memories of her.  My fondest memory is from when we had first gotten married and I called to thank her for the wedding present.  (the blue piece of glass in the photo)  We talked on the phone for over an hour about life.  She was such a kind and beautiful person.  

Today my thoughts and prayers are with her immediate family. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1st

So I have been taking a class for a couple of months now, and last Friday we were given a homework assignment.  We were given the homework assignment to lay the foundation for a more energetic life. The class was given tasks to focus on for the entire month, to truly focus on. These are in no particular order.

1.  Rest
2.  Sleep
3.  Eat and drink properly
4. Live Passionately
5. Play
6. Relax

Looking at this list, it is amazing how many of these things I don't do on a day to day basis and how many of these things I rarely do mindfully.  I also believe that fulfilling these tasks everyday would create a wonderful life. 

Since I don't sleep very well, I wake up often in the night and I always wake up very early.  I decided to experiment this entire month to give up television and see if that helps my ability to sleep.  Adam and I tend to watch drama shows in the evenings and I am curious if watching shows like Game of Thrones does impact my sleep.   

I also have to brag about Adam.  Adam has been doing 100 days of handstands along with me, even if we practice at different times.  Last night he went up in handstand, unassisted in the middle of the room!  I wish I had been there to see it... 

Question to consider: Which one of the above tasks is the most difficult for you?  I struggle a lot with sleep, rest and relaxation.  But I keep practicing!