Day 31

Handstand on the beach!  Yep I am still doing my daily handstands, and some days it is really easy and other days like today it took me several tries to get on the wall. 
I didn't think I held the handstand for any length of time at all after Adam stopped spotting me.  But our friend had perfect timing and caught the brief moment that I held the handstand!   

Today is a very, very exciting day.  Adam and I are starting a three day workshop with Ana Forrest, who created Forrest yoga.  It is going to be five classes for 2.5 hours.  I am very intimidated, and I don't quite know what to expect.  But we are so lucky to have the opportunity to take a class from her.  It is hard to believe that a couple months ago I was reading her book, and today I get to take a class from her.  

Question to consider:  When is the last time you ran on the beach and played in the ocean?  


  1. Beautiful stand, your friend did excellent job with timing :-)

    The week before the last.


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