Ignoring the mess

My kitchen is a complete mess.  It has been like this since I got home from the grocery store this morning, I did put away any perishables.  But I had some other things I needed to work on, so I just let this mess sit.  (Don't worry, I will be cleaning the kitchen as soon as I publish this post, I still need to make dinner.)  I actually enjoy cleaning the kitchen, so this is not the same as when I avoid vacuuming or washing the floors.  That is just avoiding the chores I don't want to do. 

Usually I am the type of person that everything needs to be done before I can go have fun.  (I spent the afternoon writing and working on a photo album.)   But is everything really ever done?  There is always more to clean, to cook or perfect.  

So today I tried an experiment, I let the mess sit.  Guess what?  The world has not come to an end, and I enjoyed my creative projects.  To be honest in the last half hour, I started to have a little anxiety about the mess in the kitchen and so I stopped working on my photo album.  

I am lucky, because tonight is Adam's late night, so I have plenty of time to clean and cook my dinner before he gets home.  I am also lucky that Sterling loves to sleep and not stick his nose in grocery bags.  Otherwise I would have tackled the mess and cooked dinner this morning.  

Question to consider: Can you leave a mess behind and really enjoy some fun time?  (I understand if you have children and need to consider their safety.)  I am working on learning to have fun even with a giant to do list.  


  1. I have this same problem most of the time! I need things to be neat and tidy before I can relax. I have also recently been trying to work around this, let things be cluttered. It is working for me too, most of the time! :)


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