What can I do

Adam and I had an amazing weekend full of Forrest Yoga.  Ana Forrest was in town and Adam convinced me to sign up for all of the workshops and not just focus on "heal your back."  We are both still recovering from the very intense weekend.  I am having a difficult time putting the most important or best experience from the weekend into words.

Too often in life I am so hard on myself because I am not able to do what I want.  This applies to yoga and life.  During Ana's book signing she talked about the importance of focusing on "what can I do?"  I am going to use myself as an example.  When I get a migraine I focus on all the things I planned to do that day and I feel horrible that I am unable to take care of Sterling or Adam or anything else I had planned.  I don't celebrate the things I am able to do when I have a migraine.  Mostly I am able to take deep breathes, but that is still nourishing and healing.  So I am making this pledge to start asking myself "what can I do?" every time I hit a wall. 

I am sharing this video with you just to give you an idea of who we spent the weekend with.

Question to consider:  What can you do today to heal and or nourish yourself? 


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