Dark paintings

Yesterday I bought a bunch of canvases!  I am going to need more paint.  Today I started working on a painting in my sketch book, because I am pretty intimidated by the size of the the canvases I bought.  Also it is a dark painting and I don't think I want it displayed.  But the idea wouldn't leave me alone so I decided to get the idea on paper instead of letting it fester.  

As much as I want to paint pictures with some bright beautiful colors, right now I am in a bit of a dark mood; maybe it has to do with the afternoon thunderstorms lately.  I am working to find the beauty and brilliance in these dark, gruesome colors. 

 Question to consider: Does the weather have an affect on your mood and how you create things?  I love to make stews during thunderstorms, there is just something soothing about having a stew simmer on the stove. 


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