Tuesday, August 27, 2013


It is hard to know when a journey began, it is hard to see the curves in your path.  However, two years ago today my path took a huge curve, and my blueprint was torn up.  I was recovering from an emergency surgery and fighting an infection.

There have been so many instances in the last two years where I have thought it was a mistake that I survived that whole ordeal.  There have been so many moments when I have wondered "why?"  

Today in yoga class I felt grateful for the sharp curve my path took.  I  mean really grateful.  I watched Adam perform a sequence that is simply amazing!  He has changed in so many ways and he has gotten so much stronger.  Two years ago he placed his hand on my head and told me it was going to be okay.  I felt terrified, and he helped me to feel some trust before I went into surgery.  Today I am amazed at the person he has blossomed into.   (I wish I had a photo, but take my word for it; he is beautiful, graceful and strong.)

It is difficult for me to see all the ways that I have changed in the last two years.  But I see all the changes Adam has gone through, I see his strength, his compassion and his spirit.   I see the life we have created together, and even if it wasn't my blueprint it is amazing

I gave Adam a hug after class and I could feel his heart beating and I wondered "how I could ever wanted to miss out on this?"  "How can I feel anything but gratitude for the life I have?"  

Question to consider: What are you grateful for today? 

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  1. Friends and family. Every day. :-)