Great advice

Tomorrow we are having a very important visitor.  I have been cleaning like crazy and running around like a basket case.  (This just proves Adam and I are made for each other because he is my anchor when I get like this, he finds some way to keep me grounded.) 

Anyways a good friend gave me a great piece of advice:  "Clean your house, bake some cookies and just be yourself!"  I think this is a wonderful piece of advice no matter what the situation, but I still wrote it on a post it note and put it on my mirror.  I am sure to see this advice tomorrow, and smile. Thank you Kelsey!

Question to consider: What is your favorite dish to serve to guests?  I usually make something with green chile, since not many people in Texas are familiar with it.  But for tomorrow it will be chocolate chip cookies and zucchini bread. 


  1. I hope your visit went well! I like the cookies and zucchini bread. I like to make cookies and bread for people too! Like a homemade loaf of cinnamon bread or something. Yummy! :)


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