July homework

On the first of July I chose to focus on some things for the entire month.  Believe it or not these six things were on my mind a lot during this past month and I kept asking myself if I was doing these things sincerely every day.

1.  Rest
2.  Sleep
3.  Eat and drink properly
4. Live Passionately
5. Play
6. Relax
Around the middle of the month, I realized that trying to focus on six things was really difficult for me.  While I tried to keep all these things in mind everyday I really chose to focus on sleep, rest and relaxing.  I wish I could say that after 30 days I have no problem with these three things.  But I am stilling working and still practicing.  I still have a lot of work to do, and this challenge is not going away for me. 
I still haven't watched any TV since July 1st.  Adam and I did watch three movie this month, but no TV.  I am a little nervous about watching TV again, since I do think it really improved my sleep.  I think I may reintroduce it very slowly, and not watch TV before bed.  
Last night I was feeling very sentimental thinking about last August.  I decided to look up what was going on exactly one year ago.  I found one of my favorite memories from last year was on this date a year ago.  It also reminds me that Adam and I need to go to the Butterfly Center again.   That was truly a magical day, I will always have that memory.  


  1. Miss you so much and think about you every day...Love you tons and tons!!!


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