Monday, August 26, 2013

Limiting beliefs

We have been talking in one of my classes a lot about limiting beliefs and the importance of challenging the ideas that keep you from growing.  

I kept seeing this yoga pants and admiring them every time I went to class.  But I never tried them on, because of this internal dialog that told me "Lenore doesn't wear pants like that, people will notice you." So I challenged that belief.  Not only did I buy them, but I wear them!  I wear all the time, and guess what I love them.

I really don't care if other people don't get it, but these pants make me smile.

Question to consider: when is the last time you challenged your internal dialog? When is the last time you challenged a limiting belief?  (As a side note, people do comment on these pants whenever I wear them.). 


  1. Yep, those have to be some of the coolest pants ever! :)

    My therapist and I talked a lot about challenging these kinds of beliefs. Mine mostly center around not being good/smart/pretty enough for whatever. They can be really difficult to overcome! But I'm working on it.

    1. Karen,

      It is so difficult to change limiting beliefs. I have found that I just need to reward myself with praise whenever I take a step (no matter how small).

  2. So proud that you overcame that! I still just run and hide from challenges like that :-)

    1. Mirka,

      I am sure that you take on more challenges than you give yourself credit for. Just noticing a limiting belief is a step that can lead to change!