Number 13 (2 & 3)

So one of our good friends read my list of 33 things before 33 and decided to raise the bar on number 13 and encourage us to try 33 new restaurants in Houston this year.   (I also decided I should add "order room service" and "upgrade seats on a flight."  Those are two things I have never done, I am ignoring the one time we ordered room service because I was ill and that was the only option.) 

Anyways we recently have tried two new restaurants Eatsie Boys and The Black Labrador.  Eatsie boys used to be a food truck, and last weekend Sterling got to hang out with us on the patio.  He was mostly interested in a lizard that was hiding in a bush.  But it is great to find two restaurants we can take Sterling to.   He hasn't gone to the Black Labrador yet, but we saw a couple of dogs sitting outside as well. 

I can't wait until the weather gets a little cooler and we are able to spend more time outside. 

Question to consider: As fall gets closer what are you most looking forward to? 


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