Number 24

I have been cleaning out closets and cabinets the past couple of days.  Once I got started purging things from my closet, I moved on and just kept gathering things from all over the house.  I finally stopped because I wasn't sure I was thinking the process through anymore.  But I can think of a couple of things that I should add to this pile before we head to a donation center this weekend.  

So I gave away 55 things total which make up 24 different categories, for example I gave away 4 sweaters but that only counts as one category.  Honestly it feels really nice to get rid of things that we no longer have a use for.  It is difficult for me to give things away because I like the idea that I may put some of these things to use again.  The fact is, I want my life to have less clutter so I used that as my motivation for giving things away.

Here are some of the questions I asked myself when cleaning out closets and cabinets:

1. Did I forget that I had this?  (I forgot we had the popcorn popper, it really isn't what I wanted to make air popcorn, so I stopped using it.)
2. Does this still fit and is it flattering?  (I have a white sweater that I really love, but the last time I wore it, I wasn't comfortable because it just doesn't fit right. I have held on to that sweater for too long because of all the memories associated with it.  But I still have the memories!)
3. Have I used/worn this in a year?  (I gave away a couple of workout DVDs, that I bought in good faith but never used.  I have found other sources for workouts.)

Question to consider:  Do you periodically clean out your closets?  Is the process easy for you, or do you find it difficult?  I have to say I wasn't really enjoying the process, but I felt lighter once I had gathered things together to give away.


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