Last night/today I watched an old movie, Heart and Souls.   This movie is about 4 souls attached to a businessman that have a short amount of time to do that one thing they missed out on.  To do that one thing they missed out on.  

I won't spoil the movie, for those that haven't seen it.  (It is available on Netflix)

But it does make me think about all the things I haven't done or would like to do that I haven't done because of fear.  Fear paralyzes me; so I am grateful that I have some teachers that are reminding me to ask the question "what do you want?"

Some days I have a very simple answer to that question, and some days I make it more complicated.  Honestly, I am happy.  Life is going well and I am just really grateful for the simple days.  

Question of the day: What three things are you grateful for today?   I am grateful for my breath, Adam and Sterling. 


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