Small paintings

I have been making some bookmark paintings lately.  Here is just an example of one.  I find the smaller scale less intimidating.  Painting is helping me learn about colors and I love that I can usually paint over my mistakes.  It is a little more forgiving than my glass beads.  

I am still looking for the inspiration to get back to my torch.  I may have found a challenge today that will give me that extra drive I need to get to the torch.  I also am trying to decide if I want to take a week long class, so I need to get my skills back up.  I haven't made a bead since December.  

Question to consider: Do you find smaller scale projects less intimidating?  I have been putting off getting new curtains and blinds for the living room, because it seems like such a large project.  I really struggle with how permanent larger things are.   I wonder if that is just because of the extra time investment. 


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