Thursday, September 12, 2013


So I have started making beads again, inspired by a bead challenge.   I will talk about the challenge once all the beads are done.  However yesterday I was shown another important lesson when working with glass.  I was working to prevent a rod from shattering, since I could see the stress marks in the glass.  

I did prevent the rod from shattering, but I also lost the work on this bead.  My torch was was way too cold to melt the huge chunk of glass in.  I was so focused on the glass rod that I didn't think about the temperature of my torch and once I heard the sound of glass cracking, I lost my focus.  It is no wonder that my rod still broke.  

One of the reasons I love this hobby is because I have to be here and now.  I have to think about everything that I am doing.   Yesterday I learned a lot about playing the temperature of my torch.   At first I thought about this bead as a failure.  Then I remembered my original goal was to be safe, neither me or the pup was hurt by glass.  This hobby continues to test my focus. 

Question to consider: What tests your focus? 

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