Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Number 13 (4,5)

Yeah the first challenge for number 13 is complete, but it is time to raise my game.  So we will try 33 new restaurants in Houston.  The reason I chose this challenge is because Adam and I always talk about trying new places but we always seem to go to our favorites.  I wanted to get out of our comfort zone and take advantage of more that this city has to offer.

Over Labor Day weekend Adam and I tried two new restaurants.  The first place was Uchi and it was so amazing.   Amazing doesn't even seem like a good enough word, I enjoyed every single moment.  The second we walked in the door we were treated to a complementary taste and our waiter was so helpful.  The presentation of all the food was beautiful and the entire experience was wonderful.  It was the most enjoyable meal that we have had in a long time, I can't wait for another special occasion so that we can go back.
That weekend we also met some friends for lunch and tried Gratifi.  This place had very fresh food and a comfortable atmosphere.  We are excited to go back and bring Sterling, they even offer doggie dinners that Sterling can enjoy on the porch with us.  Once the weather turns a little cooler, we will have a nice dinner with the pup!

Question to consider: What is the most important factor to you when you chose a restaurant?  What makes your dining experience awesome? 

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