I did it!  I had so much fun Saturday morning.  It was cold (about 40 degrees) and raining but I went out and tackled my first mud run.  I skipped a couple of obstacles, I fell down a lot; but I laughed through it all.  I am remembering to continue to laugh as my bruises heal and my body recovers. 

My teacher inspired me to run this race.  He completes a lot of these races and always comes back to class describing how much fun he had.  So I started our running a minute at a time in September and slowly worked my way up to running for 30 minutes straight.  Since I was not an experienced runner, I focused on running.  

It was such an amazing morning, and I am excited to sign up for another race with a number of friends and classmates.  The running was my least favorite aspect, I really enjoyed the obstacles, even swimming through the cold water.  But I really enjoyed the water slide and the rope swing.  

Question to consider: When was the last time you got out of your head and your stories to just experienced life?  Lately I just take a moment to take a deep breath and really be aware of my body.  However during the 45 minutes or so of this race, I was not thinking.  I was just breathing and taking the next step. 


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