Keeping two fires lit

Tuesdays are pretty long days for me, I start and finish the day with classes.  In between I handle lots of other things.  I usually don't get much time to stop.  I get plenty of time to relax, I just don't stop.

On Tuesdays I feel very divided, one minute I am learning about different breathing techniques, the next minute I am sitting in a meditation, then I go and play with children, come home to spend time with the pup, usually I remember to eat and then I am back at the studio in yoga class for three plus hours.  I know plenty of people that have busier days and plenty of people that have less busy days.  My issue is staying present through out the day and giving things my full attention.   Today I was tired and didn't focus in yoga, but I was very focused in Dao class.  

To me this similar to when I make multiple beads on one mandrel.  It takes a lot of balance and awareness to keep them both hot and stable.  Sometimes I end up  with multiple beads, sometimes one cracks and sometimes they both crack.  I am still waiting for these two beads to cool so I can find out the result.  The only answer I can come up with is I need more practice handling multiple fires.

Question to consider: How do you decide which fires to keep burning?   


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