Friday, November 15, 2013

Results versus Potential

So I have been thinking a lot about focusing on results versus visualizing potential.  I have been  very focused on results in my life, I want things to work out a certain way.  When that doesn't happen I usually get upset in some way.  So when my teacher tells me that the results are none of my business, I get very confused.  Life can be about falling in love with the action; it can be about allowing things to happen. 

If there is something that I want, like being able to do a handstand in the center of the room.  A different appraoch (from the usual results driven) is to see the potential, and then fall in love with the action of preparing to do a handstand.  In the end I can either do the handstand or not, depending on effective my action was.  But I can't force results, I can only let the universe reveal them.  

I am slowly starting to uncover what it means to me to see the potential versus focusing on the results, which probably makes this a confusing post.  

Question to consider: What potential do you see in yourself?  Are you willing to test it?  

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