40th bead

Forever ago I started a bead challenge; I had not worked with my torch for a while and I wanted a challenge to get me back in the grove so to speak.  So I started with challenge to make 40 beads only using two colors and only using dots, no tools except gravity.  I will wait to show you a picture of all 40 beads next week, after I have removed them from the mandrel and cleaned them.  I will give you all the details of the challenge then.  

I have been thinking about challenges lately.  I have been challenging myself a lot lately, physically, mentally and emotionally.  Completing challenges helps me feel like I have accomplished something, it pushes me out of my comfort zone.  I am one of those people that love crossing things off my to do list.  I like getting that gold star at the end of day!   However I wonder if I am not focusing on the action when I am completing challenges.   I am still chasing that gold star; I need to learn to understand my worth gold star or no gold star.  

We are all stars, we all shine.  When I chase that gold star I am comparing myself to other people, which is not useful.  

The sentances above are simply my thoughts, uncensored.  One day the puzzle pieces will fit together and I will see the picture; until then I will continue to ramble a little bit.

Question to consider: Do challenges inspire you to try new things?  What else gets you out of your comfort zone?


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