A not so silent cheer

I always tell Adam on days that he is struggling, that I am in his corner silently cheering for him.  I am always cheering for him and today I am going to brag about him.  I have never known a more amazing and strong person.  It feels like everything he does is to ensure my happiness.

I watch him in yoga class and forget to breathe when he eases into a pose.  There are so many things that he does effortlessly; and so many things he does for our family without complaint.  He wakes up early in the morning to work a minimum of 12 hours.  He still finds time and energy to do his yoga practice and meditation.  He always finds time for me.  Today when I was struggling with work, he made sure to listen to me and give me some encouragement despite the enormous deadlines hanging over him.  

He is always cheering in my corner.  For example, right now on our kitchen table I have 5 different art projects that I am working on and Adam will be the second person to see the end results of all these projects.  He will look at the end product no matter what time he gets home or how tired he is.    He always reads my blog and sends me lovely E-mails when a particular post touches him.    He never ceases to praise my cooking.   On days that I want to be lazy and stay in bed or take a nap; I think of how much effort and time Adam puts into our family and I find a way to rally and get just a little bit more done.  

I love this man!

Question to consider: Who is the person you are always cheering for?  Let them know today, what they mean to you.  


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