Adam and I lost our heads!

I was working on this art project and it went terribly wrong.  I ended up removing both our heads from this wedding photo.   Needless to say I abdandoned the project at this point, and the photo made its way to my recycling bin.  

Today I learned two lessons.  I have been getting pretty confident in my art so I have not been as careful as I should be.  Today I was reminded the difference between doing something mindfully and just getting the drudge work done.  

The second lesson involved patience and trust.  I have been very anxious about our upcoming adoption.  I have been feeling very hopeless and lost about this situation.  Today while I was meditating I was ready to throw in the towel and find a new agency.  I felt like I couldn't trust my reasons for making this decision.  I finally checked my E-mail and found my hopes had been addressed.  This waiting period is our gift, it is our gift to develop more patience and trust in ourselves.  

Life continues to provide lessons and inspiration.

Question to consider: What lesson did you learn today?  What lesson did you miss?  


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