Dots, dots, dots

Here are all forty beads I made during the bead challenge I just completed.  I was limited to only using two colors and only dots.  When I decided to start working with my torch again I was pretty nervous, so having some sort of focus really helped motivate me.  I learned so much about dots.  I also had to keep reminding myself to only use dots and gravity to manipulate the shapes.  I tend to use my tools a lot to smooth things out, especially when I get impatient.  

I don't have a favorite bead out of these forty, but I got a lot of good ideas.  The most important thing is I feel so much more competent with my glass and torch again. 

One of these days I will figure out what to do with all these beads I have been making!

Question to consider:  Do you find creative projects less intimidating when you have a narrow focus or do you prefer a completely open focus? 


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