Merry Christmas!

Adam and I had a wonderful two day Christmas celebration.  We started off with breakfast at our favorite breakfast place and then we went to a yoga class.  We went to a beautiful church service complete with candle lighting and then we came home to make homemade pizzas!  (I love my bread machine, it makes it so easy to make the dough from scratch.)   As a little girl growing up the Christmas Eve celebration always began at my grandmother's house with pizza and fruit salad.  Every year that Adam and I have celebrated Christmas alone we have continued that tradition and made pizza.   

Christmas morning began with buckwheat waffles and homemade rasberry-blueberry syrup.  We ended the day with vegetarian green chile stew (this is the first year it has been vegetarian.)   The first Christmas Adam and I spent alone was when we started making the green chile stew on Christmas Day.  We wanted to be sure our traditions had a little New Mexican flare, and I don't have much experience making tamales.  

Presents are wonderful, but I love the food at Christmas.  I was so grateful to have two days to cook, eat and hang out with Adam and Sterling.  We missed our families and spent quite a bit of time on the iPad with them.  However this was the Christmas that Adam and I needed to rest and reconnect.   We can't wait to plan our next trip to NM, next year after we have some sort of class schedule nailed down.

Question to consider: What did you do this Christmas?  Who did you celebrate with?


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