I had a conversation this morning with one of my teachers about polarity.  (Well not so much of a conversation as he was talking and I was listening.)  The conversation was about how different energies are attracted to one another, positive and negative or predators and prey.  The idea that predators can smell or feel or sense fear from potential victims.  The idea that everyone casts themselves in some sort of archetype and the importance or breaking out of that archetype.  

I have always felt very polarized in my life.  I tend to be draw to things that seem to be opposites on the surface for example science and art.  While my teacher was talking today I started to think that I am the one creating that friction, I am the one that is separating myself into two different parts.  I am the one that is always holding back one aspect and not combining the two.   Of course now comes the hard part, living up to a new belief.  The idea that I am not divided, the idea that both Lenores are the same, or "not two."   

Energy cannot be contained, it must be directed.  Bandages need to be taken off and gates need to open.   The question I am left with is "what does that look like?"

Question to consider: Do you create polarity in your life?   If you are creating polarity in yourself do you notice how you are creating polarity and judgement in the world?  


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