Update on 33 things before 33 (Number 13 (14))

I have had a lot of reminders this holiday season, that the holidays aren't always easy for everyone.  We feel  our loved ones that are missing a little bit more.   The good thing about this is we tend to talk about them and share stories about them a little bit more.   Although Adam and I decided to have a quiet and calm Christmas this year.  I am grateful for technology that makes it easy to talk to and see our families that are far away.  There were still lots of tears and time to remember those that are no longer with us. 

The year is drawing to a close, so it makes sense to look back on the year and decide what worked and what didn't.  It is a wonderful time to decide what you want to start cultivating in the spring and what you are ready to get rid of. So here is an update for my year-long project. I am almost at the six month mark and have completed 10 tasks out of 33. Time to get focused!

1. Take a trip with Ashley
2. Meet our new niece or nephew  (Zoe is here and she is beautiful, we can't wait to cuddle her)
3. Complete the home study process for our adoption
4. Make a visit to Santa Fe national cemetery
5. Trip to Europe (I am picking a different continent)
6. Yoga retreat
7. California trip
8. Unassisted handstand in the middle of the room (It was at the beach, still counts)
9. Sell a piece of art that I make
10. Visit a new place, that we haven't planned to visit yet (I am working on this one, I am so excited)
11. Go to Canada and try to see the Northern lights
12. Visit the Williams Waterwall in Houston
13. Try 33 five new restaurants in Houston (I am up to 14)
14. Weed through the bookcases and media storage (I started this today, we gave away 25 VHS, and some DVDs)
15. Organize our junk drawer
16. Do a yoga photo shoot
17. Have a family picture taken
18. Go to the rock gym with Adam

19. Make a watermelon cake
20. Crayon art project with Adam

 21. Transfer Grandfather's cassette tape to CD
22. Watch a meteor shower
23. Clean our oven

  24. Give away 33 things that no longer serve me
25. Find Sterling's little dog sibling (After the little dog we rescued for a night, I am not sure if we will be getting another dog)
26. Meet new saving goals (This is on going project, but so far success!)
27. Fill up my sketchbook
28. Make homemade jam
29. Watch a firework show
30. Take a tea tasting class
31. Paint some ceramics
32.  Make an ice cream cake
33.  Lord of the Rings extended version marathon

Bonus tasks or ideas for substitutions (Life happens)
Harry Potter Marathon  
Reread all the Harry potter books
Order Room Service
Upgrade seats on a plane 

Question to consider: What's next?


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