Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I have been a little busy lately and completely forgot about updating my blog.  The days are flying by which is wonderful, and I am finding less and less time to just sit around and write.  Right now Sterling is playing with his ball while I sit on the floor and type.  I love watching him play with his ball; he just comes ALIVE.

It has been a little chilly in Texas lately, which means I start to pull out extra blankets.  I have been cuddling up with a lot of blankets that my grandmother made me.   So I decided to work on another blanket.  I have been teaching children how to crochet at my volunteer job, so I think it is time I had a project I was working on to show them some results.  

There really is inspiration everywhere, think of anything someone did for you and pay it forward.  If you can't knit or crochet, learn.   Or find another way to do something for someone that can never be repaid.   Create something from your heart, give someone else your time (leave your stories out of it).

Question to consider:  What will you create this week?   

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