Monday, January 13, 2014

Cashew sauce

I decided to get very creative with lunch today.  Adam has been wanting more and more vegetarian food and so I have been looking at a lot of different recipes and learning about how vegetarians and vegans eat and still manage to get all the essential nutrients.  I have been craving creamy alfredo pasta, but with all the sickness that has been going around I decided it is best to limit dairy for a little while.   Dairy makes me very congested and I seem to get sick more often if I eat a lot of it.  

So I decided to make a cashew cream sauce.  So I soaked cashews until they were kind of mushy (I didn't know it was better to use raw cashews and I only had roasted ones.)  and then bleaded them with some chicken broth, lemon juice and spices.  I heated the mixture on the stove until it thickened a little bit and then put it over some sauted kale and pasta.   I really enjoyed the meal.  It was fun to experiment with something new and completely out of my comfort zone.

Question to consider: What are some recipes or foods that you have been meaning to try that are outside your normal routine?   I think we are so lucky to live in an age where we can just type into google something we want to try and find ways to do it ourselves.  

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