Monday, January 6, 2014

Cleaning up Christmas

I just finished vacuuming downstairs, and hope that I got every last fake pine needle.  I am usually a little sad when I put the tree away.  It brightens up the room so much.  But this year I am enjoying the clean and empty space.  I have been spending the last couple of days really getting rid of things so having an open space feels like freedom.  

My teacher talks about how winter is the time to store things, and I am constantly asking myself what am I storing and why?  I am craving a much simpler life and as I get ready for the adventures in the upcoming year I want to practice doing more with less.  

Adam and I store our Christmas stuff because it is a special time when we get to decorate out tree and our home.  I am storing so much other stuff for no reason, I am not only referring to material things.  I rehash stories and store emotions.  It is time to stop juggling so many balls and see what happens as things drop.  (I did this with Christmas cards this year, I decided not to do them.  I had a little more time to do other things and the world didn't end.) 

Question to consider: When do you take your holiday decorations down?  I usually wait until after the epiphany, to pack everything up.  This year I just wanted to get it done so I could tackle other things. 

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  1. In our house Christmas is over after the 6th. Mirka