Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Drawing a blank

The past couple of weeks I have been wrestling internally with this blog.  I feel like I have lost my focus a little bit.  I am not writing about what inspires me as much as I intended.  I am writing about what I am doing without always explaining where the inspiration came from.  Part of that is I am finding internally inspiration, and the other part is I am busy doing things, instead of thinking and writing about things.

It seems crazy that I am busier now than when I had a full time job.  But I am busier, I wake up earlier and stay up later.  I have learned to rest, and the pleasure of taking Sterling for a long walk.  I have been doing my physical practice in both the morning and evening, and no longer find myself watching the clock and worrying about getting to bed at a certain time.  

I have written before about what a crazy ride this past year has been.  But my teacher really pointed it out to me in class today how much has changed in the last year.  If a little bird had told me last year that in 2014 I would be planning a trip to Nepal, all by myself.  I would not have believed it was even possible.  I think back on all the things I have done in the last year and I can't wait to tackle the next hurdle.  It has all been building momentum.  I told Adam that I keep bracing for impact and waiting for the next tragedy.  Now I know that is all wrong, it is about building momentum and doing what needs to be done.  Showing myself that I can do more and go places I never dreamed.  I am stumbling around, but the more I stumble around, the more comfortable I am with it. The more I realize even when I fall I am still okay.  

"Fall seven times, get up eight."  

Question of the day:  What do you see as the biggest accomplishment in your life to date?   What gives you the momentum and drive to keep going?

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