Friday, January 17, 2014

Eye contact continued...

So I realized something this week during my experiment with eye contact.  I don't look myself in the eye at the mirror, in fact I rarely really take time to look at myself.   Yes, I take the time to style my hair or do my makeup, my vision is very focused on a small part of me at those moments.   When I am finally all put together I rarely take a second glance in the mirror and if I am going out for a special occasion I always rely on Adam's opinion.  

I have been taking time to really look myself in the eye when I'm standing at the mirror, I find it really difficult.  This isn't about analyzing or judging why it is difficult.  The fact is I want to be able to meet my own eyes in the mirror so I will practice it.  

Since I started noticing my lack of eye contact I realized something about my daily physical practice.   When I first started practicing by myself I would always bow at the end of my practice.  I was bowing and showing gratitude for my teachers, that was my intention.  I have now shifted that intention.

In one of my classes there was a discussion about what or who you are bowing to.  One idea was that you are bowing to the divine, the divine inside others AND the divine that is you.   You are bowing to yourself, to your divinity.   When I bow at the end of my practice now, I set the intention to feel my own divinty when I show gratitude for my teachers.  

Question to consider: When is the last time you felt the divine inside of yourself?   When is the last time you were amazed by your breath?     


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