Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Eye contact

I hear that three things are essential in determining what your state is: focus, physiology and language.  These three things form an eqilateral triangle, change one and the state one is in will change.  Just changing one of these things, can completely change your state and I have found when your state changes any puzzles you are dealing with can be seen with a new clarity.

There are plenty of places to go to learn about this special little triangle, seriously just google the topic.  Or even watch Tony Robbins talk about the importance of these three things in every moment.   

Today our teacher gave us homework for the week, to pick one of these things and up our game, center our practice, and pay attention.   So I spent a while considering which one to hone in on.   My yoga teacher always tells us you get more of whatever you put your attention on.  You get what you are looking for, if you believe the world is a loving and compassionate place you will find the loving and compassionate people in it.   

So what am I going to work on?   What is one thing that I can focus on?  I almost picked something easy, but what would be the point of doing something I am already practicing and something I am comfortable with.   So I am focusing on physiology.  How?   I am not good at looking people in the eye, in fact I am not comfortable looking people in the eye.  So for the next week I am going to look people in the eye, when I talk to them and when I listen.   

I am curious about the results of this experiment, so I will report again in one week.   

Question of the day: Is there a tiny adjustment you want to make in your focus, physiology or language?  Want to join me in breaking a pattern?   

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