Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Number 15 and 23

Number 15 was to clean out the junk drawer.  This is the before photo, trust me it looks much better now, but my favorite thing is the drawer opens and closes easily again!
Number 23 was to finally clean our oven!   This was a task, and I think I need to get some harder scrubbing pads because it is not spic and span yet.  However it is much better than it was!   It is about little improvements. 

The Chinese New Year is coming and I was inspired to celebrate by cleaning the house from top to bottom.  I have been cleaning a lot this week, including washing our stairs by hand.  Upstairs is pretty much done, Adam needs to clean his desk and I need to remake the bed with the clean sheets and blankets.   Today and tomorrow I will be tackling downstairs.  

Question to consider: Do you celebrate the Chinese New Year?  What are your traditions?

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