Monday, February 3, 2014

The action

I have been working on a project for Adam, and because of the progress I have been thinking a lot about a specific topic my teachers talk about.  "The result is none of your business!"

There are plenty of ways to look at this statement, and they have both given me plenty of stories to get this idea to sink in my head.  But I truly struggle with what it means to fall in love with the action, to trust the universe, to trust nature to show you the result.  (It is a whole different practice not judging things as success and failure.)  

So I got a vision of a bead in my head to make for Adam, and my first thought was is it even possible?  So I started drawing, and planning and thinking on paper.  My hope was that if I could draw I could make the design with glass.  So here are a couple of the attempts of learning to draw a Chinese character with hot glass.  

With my first couple of attempts I was really excited, and had to remember the beads had to cool before I saw the results.  The thing about working with glass is that the bead can look completely different in the flame, so letting it cool, letting nature do its thing, is tough for me.  I love instant results and working with glass has taught me about patience in a way I never expected.  

For me making a bead is the perfect metaphor for falling in love with the action, for letting nature show me the result.  Once I take the bead out of the flame, my work is done, and I will see the result in a few hours. (Thankfully it is only a few hours.)  

I can't control the results, I can only control my actions; for an instant today I got it.  I saw the glowing bead in the flame and knew I had been completely present during its creation and now was the time to let go, and trust the results.

Question to consider: What is a concept that you hear all the time, that puzzles you? 

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