Friday, March 7, 2014


Since I didn't take a photo I am going to paint your a picture.  Adam and I were having a picnic before meditation and something caught my eye.   It was dusk, the sky was a deep purple the stars had not begun to come out and the clouds were a pale grey against the sky.   The lights outside were not on yet, and so this tiny glow emanated from inside a dark house, a dark backyard and a dark neighborhood.  

I got lost in the light, that I imagined was from a candle.  The light would breathe and grow, sometimes it would recede.  No matter how bright or dim the candle flickered it still provided this beautiful light that illuminated the entire scene.

I immediately asked Adam what he saw and he used his own words to describe the scene.   He saw a different beauty and had a completely different story about the view before us.  

It is fascinating how different the same experience can be for two different people.  I am sure it is a coincidence that our meditation started with a discussion about language and memory.  How we use words and descriptions and never know if other people are hearing the same words.  

My world has changed a lot in the last bit of time, I am now drawn to light.  I am drawn to what illuminates people and what illuminates myself.  Truth be told, I have always been drawn to light, now I am allowing myself to notice and appreciate it.   

Question to consider: What do you see at dusk?  After the sun sets, where is your focus?

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