Friday, March 14, 2014

Language classes

My first week in Nepal I am staying in Kathmandu to take some Nepali classes.  I have class in the morning and then I am free to explore the city in the afternoons.
This is the Main Street by the hostel, the first time I walked up to the street, I was hit with a wave of noise.  Since there are no traffic lights in Kathmandu, the drivers communicate with honking.  The streets were so loud, it was a little intense for me the first day I went out by myself.  I only walked around for about an hour, before I headed back.
Luckily there were volunteers coming in and out all the time.  Usually one of them was willing to to show me around, and it was much less intimidating taking a taxi with someone that knew where they were going.  Generally the destination was Thamel, where all the shops and restaurants were.   
An example of one of the shop windows, I actually regret not finding out how much an object in this window was.  I had originally planned to do a lot of shopping in Kathmandu.  When I got into Thamel and started haggling with people, I found I really didn't enjoy shopping.  I loved looking at all the bright colors and everything, I just didn't buy anything unless I needed it.  (Which also means, I may not be bringing back a lot of gifts for people.  Now that I am at the monestary I have a lot less time to shop.)
My first momos!  I have to say these momos were pretty disappointing.  I didn't really understand the obsession with momos, until I had them somewhere else.  Momos are wonderful!   
I spent a lot of time reading at this tea place near the hostel.  I would sit and read for hours, hoping the power would come on, so that I had wifi for a little while.  The ginger tea was amazing!
One of my only purchases in Thamel, my first few nights I was freezing and these colorful warm socks helped so much!  Plus they made me smile everytime I put them on.  I would usualy put them on when I was doing my practice to help get me moving.

Question to consider:  Do you mind haggling for goods?  Any tips?


  1. What an amazing time you're having! Your posts are great (I check everyday!) and they make you seem a little less far away. Remember and savor every minute of your grand adventure and come home to us safe and sound.
    And...I like to think I could haggle with the best of them. Truth is I'm terrible at it and would just as soon avoid it altogether. I'm no help! haha :)
    Love you tons!

  2. I give up too easily, I simply can't haggle.
    Have a great trip!