Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Number 10

Here is my smiling face as we left to go to the airport for my 30+ hour trip to the hostel I am staying at in Kathmandu for about a week.   I was so excited!  

Wow!  I left Houston just after the sun set and I landed in Doha just in time to see the sun set again.  I felt a little disoriented about time and space.  There is no photo of my smiling face (I am still smiling) because this is my blog and I just got off a 14 hour flight.  So here is a photo from the airport.  

Anyone up for some shopping?   So when I went to check in for my flight at the airport they weighed my carry on bag (the only bag I was bringing), and it weighed 8 kg.  The limit was 7 kg, so my bag ended up being checked.  (Spoiler alert my bag arrived safe and intact in Kathmandu, even my camera survived!)  I was feeling pretty nervous about arriving in Kathmandu with nothing but my purse, and considered buying a few essentials in the Qatar airport.  Until I noticed that a small container of hand lotion was $12.  

I am sure you are asking the question about why my camera was left in my bag, mostly because I forgot about it.  When they told me I needed to check the bag, I only thought about pulling out medications and happened to see my outlet converter and charger so I grabbed those.  Needless to say next time when I read that there is a 7 kg limit I will take it seriously.

I had a 10 hour layover in the airport, and eventually bought a lounge pass.  (There was a 6 hour limit, and I wanted to stay there until my flight boarded.)    I feasted on hummus, salad, sandwiches and soup!   It was well worth the price.  I will come back here on my way home, when my layover is even longer.  

I finally arrived in Kathmandu, and thankfully there was someone there to pick me up at the airport. I enjoyed tea at the hostel and just took in the fact that everything was perfect!

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