Thursday, March 13, 2014

The hostel

I am spending a week  in Kathmandu staying at a hostel here for the volunteers while I take a language and culture course.  I am the only student in the course, but thankfully there are plenty of volunteers in and out so most afternoons I am out exploring with someone that is a little more familiar with the area and bargaining for taxis.
Here is a photo of the hostel as seen from the street, the top floor is where the kitchen is, we eat on the patio.  The first night when power went out during dinner it was a new experience for me, everything except the one little light above the table went black.  (There are regular power outages, usually the time power is on is scheduled.  However none of the volunteers could read the time table since it was in nepali.)
This was my room at the hostel, I usually didn't have a roommate.  I felt a little spoiled having the room all to myself.  The bed wasn't the most comfortable place in the world but after traveling for almost 30 hours, I had no problem sleeping the first night.  
So I know this is a strange photo, this is a photo of the tile in the kitchen.  I just loved all the patterns, it made me smile everytime I saw it.  (Or maybe I was just happy being done with climbing the stairs to the fourth floor everyday!)
I took this photo one afternoon from my window.

Question to consider: What do you see in the photo up above?

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