Thursday, April 3, 2014


So when I got back from Nepal, Adam got me a couple of gifts.  This one is probably my favorite! I am a spoiled wife.

It is a beautiful purple orchid plant.  When Adam was picking up my presents a woman came up to him and told him about this plant.  It will keep for seven years and will always bloom at the same time of year.  So every time this plant blooms both us will remember being reunited and reconnecting.  Plus seven is a magical number,  10 points to anyone who gets the reference! 

The last bud on the plant opened up today, to remind me where I am.  It reminds me that I came back to learn and grow so that when I return to the monastery, my friends and my children I can give even more.   

Question to consider: Since it is Spring where are you planting your seeds?  What are you starting to grow in your life?  

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