Monday, April 7, 2014


I have been pretty unhappy with our living room furniture arrangement for a while.  Adam and I really struggled with the furniture arrangement when we first bought furniture for the room, and eventually we settled on making the TV the focal point of the room.  I used to watch a lot of TV and he used to play a lot of video games. 
Finally we decided to tackle this room and not settle but make it amazing!   Since neither of us uses the TV very much any more we chose a new focal point.  The windows and our bright green backyard.   We spent Saturday cleaning and rearranging furniture. 
This is the after photo.  We are still looking for someone to take the stationary bike so we can move another chair into the room to have a nice sitting area.  It was a different experience to sit on the couch last night with my glass of wine and read my book.  It feels like a completely new space taking the focus away from the television.  

I am still working on what color curtains to hang up and still moving things around a bit.  Adam and I are looking forward to watching thunderstorms sitting on our couch!

Question to consider: Any color suggestions for our living room.  What is your color scheme in your living room?

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